ARC Faculty


Terry L. Herdman  
Associate Vice President, Research Computing

Phone: (540) 231-7667

Dr. Terry L. Herdman was appointed to the position of Associate Vice President for Research Computing at Virginia Tech, August 2005. He is responsible for advocacy, planning, funding, and organization of research computing campus-wide. He reports to Scott Midkiff, Vice President for Information Technology, and Theresa Mayer, Vice President for Research and Innovation.

dr. polys

Nicholas Polys  
Director, Visualization

Phone: (540) 231 0968

Dr. Nicholas F. Polys is Director of Visual Computing with Virginia Tech Research Computing Group and Affiliate Research Professor in the Department of Computer Science. He has developed interactive 3D graphic content and systems since 1998. His research interests lie at the center of graphics and Human Computer Interaction: the intersection of visualization, virtual environments, and perception. After his undergraduate research in Cognitive Science at Vassar College (1996), he jumped into the networked information space of the WWW developing audio, visual, and 3D assets and software. His doctoral work at Virginia Tech (2006) examined perceptual cues and layout behaviors for Information-Rich Virtual Environments for desktop to immersive platforms.

He is an ICAT fellow and member of ICAM, a member of ACM, IEEE Computer Society, and the Web3D Consortium. He is a co-author of the international standard (ISO) Extensible 3D (X3D), elected Director and President of the Web3D Consortium, and Chair of the Web3D User Interface Working Group.

Gary Worley

Gary M. Worley
Director, Archival Data Management

Phone: (540) 231 9277

Dr. Gary M. Worley is the Director for Archival Data Management at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg. He received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech and has spent over 40 years working for the university within the Information Technology Division. Serving in a variety of roles over his career, Dr. Worley currently leads efforts supporting long-term storage for research data as part of Advanced Research Computing. Prior to joining ARC, Dr. Worley lead the Discovery Commons repository initiative. This repository was established in March 2011 to provide support for developing projects that enhance or create online access to research and other primary resource materials. He currently resides in Blacksburg, Virginia.


Justin Krometis
Computational Scientist

Phone: (540) 231 8793

Dr. Justin Krometis joined ARC as a Computational Science Specialist in August 2011. Prior to joining Virginia Tech, he spent seven years doing traffic simulations and natural disaster modeling for an emergency management company and a state Department of Transportation.


James McClure  
Computational Scientist

Phone: (540) 231 1365

Dr. James McClure received his bachelor's degree and doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has extensive experience in heterogeneous parallel programming and is an XSEDE Campus Champion.


Alana Romanella
Assistant Director, Development and Fiscal Administration

Phone: (540) 231 0284

Alana Romanella's primary responsibilities include: organizing Networked Learning Initiatives workshops, lecture series, and academic events;  ARC booth at SuperComputing conference, public awareness, diversity initiatives, and public relations within the university. She is an XSEDE Campus Champion and Student Champion mentor. She also teaches several courses as a Political Science Adjunct in her free time.

Srijith Rajamohan
Computational Scientist

Phone: (540) 231 0284

Dr. Srijith Rajamohan joined ARC as a Computational Scientist in September 2014. His research interests lie in High-Performance Computing and Visualization using traditional architectures and novel accelerator technologies. He is also interested in Computational design in CFD and Electromagnetics using the Finite-Element Method. He is a graduate of the SimCenter:National Center for Computational Engineering and obtained his Phd in 2014 from the University of Tennessee. I maintain an updated website with my current work/interests at

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Bob Settlage
Computational Scientist


Dr. Robert Settlage joined ARC as a Computational Scientist in March 2016. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Virginia in 1999 and is currently enrolled in the Virginia Tech Statistics graduate program.  Dr. Settlage’s career has taken him in an out of Industry and Academia.  He has worked in companies as large as Merck where he led an Automation Lab and Proteomics Informatics efforts and companies as small as 5 person startups.  Most recently, he led the Data Analysis Core at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (now BioComplexity).  His research interests lie in all aspects of data analysis from visualization of the data to improving the compute performance.  In his spare time, Bob likes returning home to the high Sierras.

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Dr. Lance Arsenault
Visualization and Virtual Reality Specialist



Nathan Liles
Software Engineer


Nathan received his bachelors degree from Texas A&M. He has extensive experience developing HPC software and providing technical support for computational immunology and bioinformatics teams.


Mark Gardner
Network Research Manager


Dr. Mark Gardner transferred to ARC from another IT department at Virginia Tech. He has been at the university since June 2006. While his position suggests a networking focus, his interests and expertise span many areas of computing, networking, and storage. If it has to do with computers, he is probably interested in it.


Matthew Brown

Computational Scientist 


Matthew Brown joined ARC as a computational scientist in 2018. His path toward research computing began with a 12-year career in higher-ed information technology with particular focus on design and implementation of IT infrastructure and interests in networking, systems engineering, virtualization, and data center design. Following that, Matt moved to Blacksburg to begin his graduate studies and is currently completing his PhD work in mathematics at Virginia Tech. His research has focused on the development of efficient algorithms for solving large-scale, ill-posed inverse problems which intersects nicely with high-performance computing. In his role at ARC, Matt has worked on design, engineering, and management of the HPC infrastructure and regularly collaborates with researchers to get their applications running and performant on the ARC computing systems.