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About ARC

Advanced research computing group stands together outside on fall day
The Advanced Research Computing team at Virginia Tech in December 2021.

What is ARC?

ARC is Advanced Research Computing, a unit of the Virginia Tech Division of Information Technology. We provide centralized research computing infrastructure and support for the Virginia Tech research community. ARC's resources include high-performance computing systems, large-scale data storage, visualization facilities, software, and consulting services, and these are available to faculty and students across all disciplines. We welcome researchers of all experience levels.

We invite you to learn more about our mission, our vision, and our people. 

Advanced Research Computing (ARC) provides centralized support for research computing by building, operating, and promoting the use of advanced cyberinfrastructure at Virginia Tech. ARC seeks to maximize research productivity at Virginia Tech through interdisciplinary collaborations that connect researchers to new opportunities in computing and data driven research. ARC also provides a competitive advantage to VT research in obtaining external research support. Towards this end, ARC delivers a comprehensive ecosystem consisting of advanced computational systems, large-scale data storage, visualization facilities, software, and consulting services. By fostering strategic partnerships, ARC serves to cultivate advanced computing infrastructure as a platform for collaboration and helps secure the position of Virginia Tech as a leader in education, innovation, and research. ARC offers and hosts conferences, seminars, and scientific computing courses catering to all levels of academia while creating a more socially inclusive environment and broadening the collective insight of the field through increased diversity.

ARC will advance the use of computing and visualization in VT research by providing a centralized resource that acquires, maintains, educates, and supports the VT community. ARC will minimize barriers between users and our resources while enabling and growing research collaborations across campus.

ARC is led by Interim Associate Vice President for Research Computing, David Raymond, and consists of a team of computational scientists, systems engineers, and graduate research assistants.

Are you interested in using ARC's resources,  but not sure where to begin? We suggest reading our Welcome to ARC page

If you have questions, would like to get in touch with us, or would like to request a consultation with an ARC team member, please use our Service Catalog request item. We also hold virtual open office hours online throughout the week.

Our office located at 3050 Torgersen Hall, Blacksburg VA, 24061