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Visualize This!

Visualize This! is a classroom outreach program from the Visualization Group at Advanced Research Computing (ARC).

A typical presentation will fit into a 50 minute or 75 minute classroom session, and will typically include some initial presentation and background, followed by a hands-on session. Although prepared presentations are available, the unique feature of Visualize This! is that the presentation can be customized to the class, by prior coordination with the instructor. Thus, while a Visualize This! presentation could easily be made to any Computer Science class on visualization, other versions of the workshop have:

  • shown how to visualize fluid flow velocity fields;
  • analyzed and displayed molecule and crystal structure;
  • explored archaelogical structures and monuments;
  • visualized social network graphs;
  • animated a fly-through of 3D medical scans, from computer tomography
    (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
  • organized masses of point cloud data into sensible models;

Visualize This! presentations can be scheduled as a regular class session in the usual classroom. Because of the need to customize the presentation for a given class, it's helpful if the initial request comes a least a few weeks in advance, and the class instructor will need to help the ARC Visualizatoin presenter work out a satisfying agenda of topics, data, and activities.

For more information, please contact Nicholas Polys at

Example products can be seen on theĀ Visionarium Vimeo Channel!