Visionarium Software Stack

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A variety of software is used by the VT Visual Computing group. The following lists the software that is loaded on various machines (see the Hardware section for the specific software installed on each machine). Links are provided for software that has instructions on usage or for special Wall or CAVE usage.


Name Description
ParaView scientific visualization application
InstantReality VRML/X3D viewer
VMD Visual Molecular Dynamics
3DVisualizer 3DVisualizer
demorunner demorunner
NuGraf NuGraf
VisIt VisIt
Photoscan Photogrammetry application


Name Description
DIVERSE API open source virtual environment API
FLTK Fast Light Toolkit
OpenSceneGraph OpenSceneGraph
Coin Coin 3D
VTK Visualization Toolkit

Supporting ISO/IEC Extensible 3D (X3D):