Video/Photo Procedure

CAVE Motion Platform Video/Photo Procedure


Many people wish to record video or snap photos of content in the VisCube.

For most applications including DIVERSE (DGL or DOSG), InstantReality, etc

1) You will need to disable the currently running is900-2handed service. Open a terminal and from the command line run
$ dtk-masterControl -S

2) Start the is900-wandonly service. From the command line run
$ dtk-server is900-wandonly -v

2a) (For 3DVisualizer) If you are planning on running 3DVisualizer you will also need to start the VRDeviceDaemon. From the command line run
$ VRDeviceDaemon

3) You can adjust the position and orientation of the head using dtk-writeShm
$ dtk-writeShm head 24 6 “%f” X Y Z H P R
where X, Y, Z are the coordinates in diverse units (1 diverse unit = 5 feet for the VisCube) and H, P, R are the rotation angles heading, pitch, and roll in degrees.

4) When you are done, please reset the services. From the command line run
$ dtk-masterControl -R