Purpose Drives the CAVE. It's the main server.
Location 3090 Torgersen Hall
CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 @ 2.50GHz
GPU Nvidia Quadro M6000
Physical RAM 512 GB
Swap Space 256 GB
File Server
Authentication VT LDAP
Operating System(s) Linux – Xubuntu 14.04 64 LTS


Name Version Description
DIVERSE 3.0.1 open source virtual environment API
ParaView 5.0.1 open source scientific visualization application
InstantReality 2.6.0 full featured VRML/X3D player
Vrui VR Toolkit 3.0.001 A virtual reality user interface API – used for 3DVisualizer
CMake 2.8.1 open source MPI implementation
FLTK 1.1.10 open source GUI API
VTK 5.10 open source scientific visualization API
Open MPI 3.0.4 open source MPI implementation