CAVE Motion Platform Video/Photo Procedure

Built in June 2010, the VisBox VisCube(TM) is the replacement to the old CAVE. Like the CAVE before it, the VisCube has three rear-projected ten foot square walls and a top-projected floor with a cutout hiding a MOOG motion platform. The VisCube features numerous hardware and software upgrades to increase the fidelity of the visualization (more pixels (2560×2560 per wall!), more brightness, more contrast) as well as the ease of use for the researcher (wireless tracking).

Here are the stats for each wall (and floor):

Dimensions: 120″x120″ (10ft square)
Projectors: Barco F50. It is the world’s first lamp-based single-chip DLP® projector that combines native WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) and Panorama (2,560 x 1,080) resolution with active 3D stereo
Resolution: 2560×2560
Contrast Ratio: up to 5,300:1
Brightness: >80%
Active 3D Stereo: with high frame rates

Motion Tracking

To really take the immersion to the next level, the VisCube uses an advanced, wireless Intersense motion tracking system. It tracks the 3D position and orientation of the primary user’s (the ‘driver’) glasses and of a hand-held controller, rendering the scene to their perspective. This allows them to literally walk around objects within their virtual world, providing a natural way of attaining perspectives not otherwise possible.

The Hardware

The VisCube is supported by one powerful machine. For detailed information about these machines see below: 3090 Torgersen