Neuron Fly Through

Visualization Resources

Virginia Tech's Visionarium (VT Visual Computing) maintains various visualization devices with varying degrees of immersion. The following is a list of resources with brief descriptions and links to more detailed information.
Neuron Fly Through
From 2016 VT Half-time video


The HyperCube is the 3rd generation upgrade to the old Virginia Tech CAVE system. It features three 10′ by 10′ walls and a floor of stereo projection screens each running at 2560×2560 resolution, as well as a wireless tracking system. VisCube provides the strongest sense of immersion the Visionarium has to offer, allowing the user to freely walk around models in their virtual world.  Located in room 3090 Torgersen Hall, accessed through room 3050.

Deep Six

A high powered desktop system, DeepSix employs a tiled display of six 30 inch Dell monitors capable of a 2560×1600 resolution each. At a combined resolution of 7680×3200, this is our highest resolution single display available in the lab. Located in room 3030D Torgersen Hall, accessed through room 3050.

MultiTouch Screen

The Multitouch Table (screen) is a Sony 1080p HDTV with a PQ Labs multitouch overlay which plugs in directly to a laptop or other computer via USB and DVI. It is mounted such that it is easily portable and can be oriented as either a table-top or vertical display. This device in on wheels, so it moves around. It is usually located in room 3030D Torgersen Hall, accessed through room 3050.

You may reserve the use of HyperCube, DeepSix and MultiTouch Screen.
Most of the time use is determined by first come first serve, without reserving.
The use policy can be found here.