LUA is a lightweight scripting language which supports procedural,
object-oriented, functional and data-driven programming.

LUA combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description
constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics.
LUA is dynamically typed, runs by interpreting bytecode for a
register-based virtual machine, and has automatic memory management with
incremental garbage collection, making it ideal for configuration,
scripting, and rapid prototyping. It is widely used as the scripting
language in games.

Web Site:

The LUA home page at



On any ARC cluster, check the installation details
by typing "module spider lua".

LUA requires that the appropriate modules be loaded before it can
be used. One version of the appropriate commands for use on Cascades is:

module purge
module load lua/


The following batch file executes a LUA script which constructs a
2-level Markov Chain sampling of the text of "Robinson Crusoe".

#! /bin/bash
#PBS -l walltime=00:05:00
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1
#PBS -W group_list=cascades
#PBS -q open_q
#PBS -j oe
module purge
module load lua/
lua markov_chain.lua < robinson_crusoe.txt

A complete set of files to carry out a similar process are available in