User Guide


Advanced Research Computing systems offer an array of software packages. Availability of select software packages is summarized in the table below; see also the Software and Compilers section of the documentation for each system. When logged into a system, you may also try the Unix command module avail for the latest list of the modules or packages available on that system.

*Python installations include numpy and scipy for numerical and scientific computing, as well as matplotlib for graphing.

**R installations (aside from HokieOne) include snow, Rmpi, and pbdR packages for parallel computing.

User Guides

ARC also provides user guides for select software packages:

  • Abaqus: An introduction to the Abaqus finite element software.
  • CUDA: An introduction to CUDA, an extension of the C programming language for programming graphics processing units (GPUs).
  • OpenText Exceed Virual Access TurboX (ETX): Web-based interface provides faster, more interactive access to graphical user interfaces than standard X11 forwarding
  • MATLAB: An introduction to MATLAB numerical computing software with instructions for and examples of submitting jobs to Ithaca
  • MPI: An introduction to Message Passing Interface (MPI), a standard for obtaining parallelism, particularly on distributed-memory systems.
  • NAMD: An introduction to NAMD molecular dynamics software, including information on running, scaling, and GPU acceleration
  • OpenMP: An introduction to OpenMP, a common means of obtaining parallelism on shared-memory systems
  • R: An introduction to the R statistics software, including information on running in parallel using the Rmpi and snow packages
  • Unix: A detailed guide to the Unix operating system