Nicholas Polys

Director, Visual Computing

Dr. Nicholas Polys heads the ARC Visual Computing Group. He has developed interactive 3D graphic content and systems since 1998. His research interests lie at the heart of Human Computer Interaction: the intersection of visualization, virtual environments, and perception.

After his undergraduate research in Cognitive Science at Vassar College (1996), he jumped into the networked information space of the WWW developing audio, visual, and 3D assets and software. His doctoral work at Virginia Tech (2006) examined perceptual cues and layout behaviors for Information-Rich Virtual Environments for desktop to immersive platforms.

He is a member of ACM, IEEE Computer Society, and the Web3D Consortium. He is a co-author of the international standard (ISO) Extensible 3D (X3D), the elected President of the Web3D Consortium, and Co-Chair of the Web3D Medical Working Group. Nicholas also holds a position as an Affiliate Professor in Virginia Tech's Computer Science Department.

His Google Scholar Page is here and his Department of Computer Science Home Page is here.