Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter notebooks are included in the anaconda python distribution installed on huckleberry. An example script jupyter-server.sh is provided to launch a job on a compute node. This will start a jupyter notebook with an appropriate hostname and port so that the session can be opened in a browser on the login node. When using firefox, it is recommended to use X-forwarding and compression when connecting to huckleberry as follows

ssh -X -C huckleberry1.arc.vt.edu

Download the juypter-server script to your home directory with

wget https://secure.hosting.vt.edu/www.arc.vt.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/jupyter-server.sh

To start the notebook, submit a batch job with

sbatch jupyter-server.sh &

The script will populate the file jupyter.hostname with the appropriate URL to interact with the remote session. This URL can be extracted from the file as follows

URL=$(grep -A2 URL jupyter.hostname | tail -1)

Then open a firefox window from the login node

firefox --no-remote -url $URL &

The jupyter notebook should open in the firefox browser, running on the compute node assigned to you job.