Investment Computing Program

Advanced Research Computing (ARC) provides the Investment Computing Program to promote faculty and department investment in centralized high-performance computing infrastructure. The program allows researchers to purchase priority access to an ARC system for five years.  The program also works with investors to address other research requirements, such as specialized storage needs. While Advanced Research Computing will continue to offer a base level of services to all Virginia Tech faculty, participation in the Investment Computing Program provides a way for departments and individual faculty members to gain access to a larger share of resources than it is otherwise possible for ARC to provide. This program compliments the Cost Center

Summary of programs to expand of resources through investment

- Investment Computing Program (meant for 1-5 year project needs)

  + expansion of Project or Work via quota increase
  + reserved hardware via dedicated queue 
  + preemptable queue overlay
  + available via MOU
  + addtional details can be found [here](
  + submit consultation request for more information [Help](  

- Cost Center (meant for burst/deadline/capacity needs) see here

  + priority queue for faster job execution
  + project needs in excess of 600k core-hours
  + available through [ColdFront]( "ColdFront")
  + PI specified sub-account limits

An investment Memoradum Of Understanding (MOU) is updated and made available for each new system starting with Cascades. The current MOU covers TinkerCliffs.  If you have interest in learning more about the Investment Computing Program for Cascades please contact Terry Herdman ( ).  ARC can provide a brief presentation on the Investment Computing program at department meetings or to research teams if desired.

Refer to the linked MOU for investments in compute and storage on cascades:


For storage (only) investments, refer to this MOU: