NOTE: Due to budget constraints and the relatively high cost for the Globus license, ARC systems will discontinue support for the ARC Globus endpoint on April 12, 2021.

Globus gives researchers access to a fast, powerful data management service that allows for the transfer and sharing of data from ARC storage resources.  Using only a web browser, users can kick off transfers between ARC storage and other Globus Endpoints (on lab machines or other institutions using Globus).  For more information and to make an account, see the Globus website at

ARC Endpoint

ARC hosts a managed endpoint with the following name:

Virginia Tech - ARC

This endpoint allows access to users' home, group, and work directories on all systems.

Creating a Shared Directory

By request via help ticket, a user can be granted the ability to create their own shared endpoints.  These endpoints are backed by a file location they own (e.g. a directory in $HOME or $GROUP).  Once created, the user can manage permissions and visibility through the globus website.  See an example of the web interface below:



This simplest use case for Globus is transferring data from your personal laptop to ARC's storage.  This example provides a walk through of creating a personal endpoint on your local machine and transferring data to your home directory on ARC resources through the ARC managed endpoint.

  1. Log in to using your VT PID.  You can also create a Globus account separate from your VT PID account.  If you already have a Globus account it can be linked to your VT PID account.
  2. Log in to your account and select Manage Data -> Endpoints -> add Globus Connect Personal endpoint
  3. Follow the instructions to download the Globus Connect Personal Software
  4. Once downloaded, run the installer. When prompted, paste in the Setup Key to complete the installation.
  5. Select Manage Data -> Transfer Files
  6. Search for the Virginia Tech - ARC endpointsearchEndpoint
  7. The endpoint will ask for authentication information.  Use your PID and password (the same credentials used to log into ARC systems).endpointAuth
  8. You can now browse to the ARC location by cluster and location.  In this example, a globusTest folder in my home directory on BlueRidge is the target destination.  Select the files you want to transfer and press the blue arrow.endpointTrans
  9. Select Manage Data -> Activity.  You should see the status of the transferendpointActivity