FE&R Proposal Statement

Facilities, Equipment and other Resources Proposal Statement

ARC resources that Researchers can include in Research proposals to describe Facilities, Equipment and other Resources at Virginia Tech:

Computing resources will be provided through the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) Center within the Division Information Technology at Virginia Tech.  ARC provides cutting-edge high-performance computing and visualization resources. Currently available high performance computing (HPC) systems include:

  1. TinkerCliffs: a general purpose CPU cluster. This cluster has ca. 42,000 AMD CPU cores, HDR Infiniband offering 100 Gbps throughput, options for Intel CPU and highmem nodes
  2. Huckleberry: “Deep learning” cluster with 14 compute nodes equipped with two IBM Power8 CPU, four NVIDIA P100 GPU and NVLINK; Infiniband interconnect
  3. Cascades: General purpose cluster with 190 compute nodes equipped with two 16-core Intel Xeon “Broadwell” CPU and 128 GB of memory; 39 compute nodes equipped with two 12-core Intel Xeon "Skylake" CPU, 376 GB of memory, and two NVIDIA V100 GPU; 4 compute nodes with two NVIDIA K80 GPU, 512 GB of memory and one 2 TB NVMe flash card; 2 four-socket compute nodes with four 18-core Intel Xeon “Broadwell” CPU and 3 TB of memory; Mellanox EDR Infiniband interconnect
  4. Dragonstooth: High-throughput cluster with 48 two-socket compute nodes equipped with two 12-core Intel Xeon “Haswell” CPU, 256 GB of memory and four 480GB SSD drives

Parallel filesystems provide over 11 Petabytes of high performance storage, and a tape archive is provided to support long term data storage. ARC’s Visionarium Lab also provides an array of visualization resources, including the VisCube, an immersive 10′ x 10′ three-dimensional visualization environment. In all, the VT Visionarium provides nearly 86 million pixels, 4 billion triangles-per-second and 22 TB/s of GPU memory bandwidth. ARC resources are able to leverage Virginia Tech’s excellent network connectivity, and network. Virginia offers access to advanced national networks, including ESnet, Internet2, and Mid Atlantic Crossroads.

Upcoming Resources

Winter 2021 will see two new purchases supporting:

  • AI/ML hardware, which is scheduled to be released in late Spring 2021.
  • Protected data. This will be a dedicated cluster and storage supporting data needing elevated protections. This cluster will be available early Summer 2021.