CMDA3634: Working on the NewRiver Cluster

Class type: Introduction
Class date: 2018-02-22

This presentation introduces the ARC cluster NewRiver, and explains how a new user can log in, set up the environment, transfer files, and write scripts to request that a program be executed in a particular queue. Brief examples are given of job scripts for sequential, OpenMP, MPI, and CUDA programs.

The presentation was prepared for the CMDA3634 class, and the students are expected to use the allocation associated with the class. Other interested users may find the presentation helpful. The example scripts using open_q will work as given, but those that specify an allocation would have to be changed to the user's own allocation.

Note that ARC staff are available to give similar presentations to classes which involve high performance computing.

The 8-page PDF handout;

The TAR file of examples