ARC Investment Computing and Cost Center

ARC user accounts (TC+)

ARC is working to decrease HPC cost to VT, improve access, services and augment VT’s research and teaching missions. As part of this, we are realigning ARC to more naturally support research groups (and class groups). An ARC user account consists of the following starting on TC and moving forward:

User PI+ (project request)
compute++ 240 core-hours/month 600,000 core-hours/month (TC only, unlimited on DT/CA/HU)
/home 640 GB --
User workspace 1 TB --
Group project -- 25 TB
archive /vtarchive/home/pid /vtarchive/groups/group

+Departments will be given project accounts for class needs (coming soon)
++Preemtable_q core hours do NOT count towards user/project usage

Expansion of resources through investment

  • Investment Computing Program (meant for 1-5 year project needs)
    • expansion of Project or Work via quota increase
    • reserved hardware via dedicated queue
    • preemptable queue overlay
    • available via MOU
    • addtional details can be found here
    • submit consultation request for more information Help
  • Cost Center (meant for burst/deadline/capacity needs)
    • priority queue for faster job execution
    • project needs in excess of 600k core-hours
    • available through ColdFront
    • PI specified sub-account limits

Job Priority

Priority determines position in “line”

Quality of Service (QoS) Available by/through:
priority (high) for-fee via cost-center
contributor (medium) projects with updated grant/paper/talk data
normal (default) normal

Cost Center Details

Starting on TinkerCliffs, cloud systems and Enterprise Storage, Investigators will have the ability to add compute costs to grants and contracts. This program is meant as an enhancement to standard ARC services.

TinkerCliffs compute structure

For projects needing additional compute on TinkerCliffs, for-fee core-hours can be requested. These accounts (allocations) will enjoy higher priority access to facilitate deadline driven compute. The fee structure is as follows (pending final analysis from the University Controller's Office):

Queue Cost
normal_q $0.0023 / core-hour
largemem_q $0.01 / core-hour
intel_q $0.0091 / core-hour

Storage and other available resources

Temporary expansion of /project storage can be requested. This will be billed at $2.1694 per TB per month.

For server hosting, enterprise backup or other needs, please send Terry Herdman a email.