Mark K Gardner


Network Research Manager

(540) 231-2730

Dr. Gardner transferred to ARC from the Network Infrastructure and Service department of the Division of IT at Virginia Tech. He has been at the university since June 2006. While his position suggests a networking focus, his interests and expertise span many areas of computing, networking, and storage. Prior to coming to Virginia Tech, he was a technical staff member at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the Computer and Computational Sciences division.

Expertise and Interests

  • Networking: protocols, traffic characterization, implementation techniques
  • Computing: parallel, distributed, and cloud computing
  • Programming languages: design, implementation, and runtime environments
  • Virtualization: hypervisors, virtual machines, containers and associated technology
  • Monitoring and measurement: quantifying the operation of computing, networking, and storage
  • Operating systems: design and implementation
  • Systems administration: provisioning, configuration, operation; DevOps
  • Security and privacy: host and network security, authentication techniques, encryption
  • Scientific simulation and modeling: computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer

Professional History

  • Network Research Manager, Virginia Tech, 2006-present
  • Technical staff member, Research and Development in Advanced Network Technologies (RADIANT) team, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1999-2006.
  • Aerodynamicist, jet engine research and development, Allied-Signal Aerospace, Garrett Auxiliary Power Division, 1986-1991


  • PhD in Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1999. Dissertation: Probabilistic Analysis and Scheduling of Critical Soft Real-Time Systems. Advisor: Jane W.S. Liu.
  • MS in Computer Science, Brigham Young University, 1994. Thesis: A Comparative Study of the Locality Characteristics of an Object-Oriented Language. Advisor: Aurel D. Cornell.
  • B.S Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University, 1986. Senior Project: The Development of an Ionization Probe for Engine Knock Determination. Advisor: Geoffrey Germaine.