External Users Must Switch to Sponsored Accounts

External users of Virginia Tech ARC systems must switch to sponsored
accounts and shift their data files!

After 30 July 2017, a two factor authorization (2FA) scheme will be
necessary in order to access VT ARC systems. In turn, the
two factor authorization requires having a Virginia Tech PID.

Many VT researchers have external collaborators, who have been
given an "external" identifier, typically identified by a trailing
"-ext" suffix, with which they have gotten computer accounts and
set up file directories.

The 2FA system means that external researchers who wish to maintain
their access to VT resources must:

  1. apply for a sponsored VT PID;
  2. apply for new computer accounts under the new PID;
  3. shift files from the old PID account to the new one;

In more detail, external users should:

  1. begin by acquiring the necessary sponsored VT PID.
  2. enroll in 2FA using the sponsored PID, by going to the
    http://www.tech.it.vt.edu/2factor/ website;
  3. request an ARC account for the sponsored PID from the
  4. once the new ARC account has been approved, log in to any ARC
    system using the new PID;
  5. migrate all the files from the old account (say "PID-EXT") to the
    new account (say "PID"), by issuing a command such as:

    scp -r PID-EXT@blueridge1.arc.vt.edu:/home/PID-EXT/* /home/PID/

    where PID, PID-EXT should be replaced by the actual information,
    and instead of blueridge1, any ARC login node might be named;

  6. OR, the user can wait to have the files migrated by the system
    administrators, which will probably occur in late July.

Please report any problems, issues or questions by submitting an ARC help