ARC Migrating to Shared Home Directories, 29 Mar 2016

ARC HPC Systems will undergo maintenance beginning at midnight on the morning of Tuesday, March 29, 2016. The purpose of this maintenance will be to migrate to a new shared Home directory on the file system that currently provides Home to NewRiver. This will provide two key benefits to users:

  • All files in your Home directory will be visible from all clusters. For example, you will see the same files in $HOME from both NewRiver and BlueRidge. This will make it easier to migrate work between clusters based on which hardware is best suited to the task or which resource is less busy.
  • The maximum Home directory size will be increased from 100 GB to 500 GB per user.

Note that all data will be retained; all files currently in your Home directories will be migrated (are already being synced) to the new Home file system. However, some action may be required as the paths will have changed slightly following the maintenance:

On Files from $HOME will be in...
NewRiver $HOME/newriver
BlueRidge $HOME/blueridge
HokieSpeed $HOME/hokiespeed
HokieOne $HOME/hokieone
Ithaca $HOME/ithaca

In addition, /home-old will be decommissioned. Home-old provided read-only access to files from decommissioned ARC clusters. For most users, this content will be tarred up and archived to $ARCHIVE/home-old.tar.gz. If you need regular access to files that are currently on /home-old, please migrate them to Home prior to the outage.

Once the maintenance is completed, no further actions will be taken on users’ home directories, so the directories can be renamed or consolidated. Users have the option to either (1) adjust their submission scripts and workflow to the new directory layout or (2) move home directory data around to further consolidate their data. One possible (but not required) workflow might be to:

  • Use system-specific locations ($HOME/blueridge, $HOME/hokiespeed, etc) for system-specific files (executables, submission scripts, etc). This location can be accessed from $HOME/$SYSNAME.
  • Create a $HOME/share directory for files that are not system-specific (e.g. input data or simulation results).

ARC users who need assistance following the maintenance should contact ARC by submitting a help request: